Episode 667: The Mad Covenant Farewell

In this episode of the Horror Heroes podcast DeeOmen and the Blogging Banshee start out by discussing Alien:Covenant. Then The Blogging Banshee discusses all the excitement from Mad Monster Party here in Arizona. Finally, we go over the many different things we did at Phoenix Comicon. This show ends with some rather sad news, but don’t worry, below are links to our written reviews so you can keep up on all the latest films (and some old ones too).

The Blogging Banshee


Episode 666: Occult, Demons, and Devils (Oh My!)

Welcome to the special 666 episode of the Horror Heroes podcast! To honor the number of the beast, this episode is occult themed. First we talk about Ken Russell’s The Devils from 1971, recently re-released on Shudder. Then DeeOmen and The Blogging Banshee discuss The Void, recently released on VOD. Stay tuned for our interview with director/writer/producer/editor of Tonight She Comes, Matt Stuertz! He provides some interesting insight into his film that you won’t want to miss. As always, we end the show with exciting horror films and events coming soon.

Episode 665B: PFF and IHFF 2017

The Blogging Banshee and DeeOmen went to the 2017 International Horror and Sci-fi Film Festival, which shows in conjunction with the Phoenix Film Festival. There was an insane amount of great films to see, and many great horror shorts as well. The Horror Heroes do their best to cover every movie they saw. At the end we reveal out favorite feature length and short films! Be prepared to learn about many great films that you may not have even heard of yet!

Click here for The Blogging Banshee reviews.

Click here for DeeOmen full reviews.

Episode 665A: IHSFF with Monte Yazzie

Today is the first episode of our International Horror and Scifi Film Festival/Phoenix Film Festival coverage! In this episode The Blogging Banshee and DeeOmen chat with Monte Yazzie, director if the IHSFF, to talk about what people can expect at the festival this year. There are a lot of great films at the festival this year, it should be a blast. You can read more about the films, see a full schedule, and buy tickets at http://www.phoenixfilmfestival.com/.

Episode 664: Personally Shop Raw with Belko

Today DeeOmen and The Blogging Banshee have three exciting reviews for you. First we discuss the highly anticipated French cannibal thriller, Raw. Then we go over The Belko Experiment, the latest film directed by Greg McLean. The reviews end with The Blogging Banshee critiquing the new Kristen Stewart film, Personal Shopper. Stay tuned after the reviews to hear what you can expect in the next couple episodes.

The Blogging Banshee full review: Raw, The Belko Experiment, Personal Shopper

DeeOmen full reviews: Raw, The Belko Experiment

Episode 663: Kong is King

Episode 633 of Horror Heroes is all about King Kong! Since most people are familiar with the original 1933 King Kong and the 2005 King Kong by Peter Jackson, DeeOmen and The Blogging Banshee decided to focus on the lesser-known Kong remake. We had quite a lot to say about the 1976 King Kong. Then we compare that version with the latest version, Kong: Skull Island. Not only is this film the newest version of King Kong, but it also made the biggest changes to the story. We end the show with news about upcoming films and advance screenings we will be giving away tickets to this month. If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area keep an eye out on our social media pages to see how you can get free movie passes to those advance screenings.

The Blogging Banshee full review: Kong: Skull Island

DeeOmen full review: Kong: Skull Island

Episode 662: Get Out the Cure for XX

In this episode The Blogging Banshee and DeeOmen have some fun for everyone. First the Horror Heroes discuss the loss of an acting hero, Bill Paxton (Aliens, Predator 2, Near Dark). He will be sorely missed. Then we dive into a somewhat one-sided discussion of A Cure for Wellness. After that we go straight into the phenomenal XX, a horror anthology completely written and directed by females. We end our reviews with the highly anticipated thriller from Jordan Peele, Get Out. Be sure to stay tuned after the reviews as we discuss festival films we’ve reviewed that are available for the masses, upcoming horror releases, and advance screenings we will hold contests for in the Phoenix area.

The Blogging Banshee full reviews: A Cure for Wellness, XX, Get Out

DeeOmen full reviews: XX, Get Out

Episode 661: Rings of Zombies

We cover a lot of information in a short amount of time on the Horror Heroes podcast today! We begin the show by discussing some sad and some exiting pieces of horror news that has come out this past week. Then The Blogging Banshee and DeeOmen do something a little different by talking about a NSFW horror comic book called Lesbian Zombies From Outer Space. After that we dive into the latest horror movie release, Rings, followed by a discussion of the classic Italian horror film, Zombie (aka Zombi 2, aka Zombie Flesh Eaters). Enjoy the show!

The Blogging Banshee full review: Rings

DeeOmen full review: Rings

CORRECTION: In this episode when we discussed the new Halloween film that was just announced we referenced the wrong Danny McBride. The Danny McBride who will be working on the film is known for acting in This Is The End and Pineapple Express. He also wrote the screenplay for Your Highness. We apologize for the confusion!

Episode 660: Splitting the Final Chapter

Episode 660 covers two more exciting films from the January releases, Split and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. We begin by talking about Split, the latest film by M. Night Shyamalan. Then we talk about today’s release, and the last installment in a rather epic horror franchise, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Finally we wrap up today’s fun by talking about some of the films that are coming to theaters soon.

The Blogging Banshee full reviews: Split, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

DeeOmen full reviews: Split, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Episode 659: Bye Bye to Blood Wars

Not only is today the first Horror Heroes podcast for 2017, but it is also Friday the 13th! In today’s episode we start out discussing the fifth Underworld franchise installment, Underworld: Blood Wars. Then we move into The Bye Bye Man. Both of us have a lot to say about that film. We end the show by talking about some of the films coming out in 2017 and some fun things to listen for on future shows.

The Blogging Banshee full reviews: Underworld: Blood Wars, The Bye Bye Man