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Episode 652: Lords of Blair

In today’s episode we have a fun witch theme for you. We start out by talking about the highly anticipated Blair Witch! We do talk a bit about SPOILERS, so if you want to avoid those skip at about minutes 13:00 – 16:35. Then we dive into another witch/Pagan themed film with the 2012 Rob Zombie flick, The Lords of Salem. As always, we include a brief glimpse into what you have expect for the next episode. Enjoy the show!

The Blogging Banshee Blair Witch review.

DeeOmen Blair Witch review.

Episode 651: Morgan Fears Disappointments

Today we have so fun things to discuss. First we talk about the exciting scifi-thriller, Morgan. Then we go into the not-so-thrilling horror flick, The Disappointments Room. Our discussion for this film contains a lot of SPOILERS. If you want to avoid those, stop listening at about the 10:40 mark and resume at the 23:45 mark. Then we end the show with a interview with the one and only Chris McLennan to discuss this year’s Fangoria Fearcon (aka Phoenix Fearcon).

The Blogging Banshee reviews: Morgan, The Disappointments Room

DeeOmen reviews: Morgan, The Disappointments Room