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Episode 654: Frightful Fun at Fangoria Fearcon

Horror Heroes had the opporunity to spend an entire weekend schmoozing with horror movie celebs and mingling with awesome vendors at Fangoria Fearcon. In this episode we recap a couple of funny stories about what happened at Fearcon,  and we also interview a few of the great people we met. We have interviews with John Dugan (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Tiffany Shepis (Tales of Halloween), Lynn Lowry (Model Hunger), and Lew Temple (The Devil’s Rejects). The Horror Heroes also go over a couple upcoming events in the Phoenix area. At the end of our show we have a contest for our local Phoenix listeners. Be sure to pay close attention on how you can enter to win a spooky prize!

Episode 653: Horrific Events, 31 Days

In today’s episode the Horror Heroes have a very special guest. The one and only Monte Yazzie, director of the International Horror and Scifi Film Festival. He was kind enough to join us for the entire show to talk about some fun horror stuff. First we talk about Rob Zombie’s latest exciting film, 31. Then we discuss the state of horror TV including films like Ash vs. Evil Dead, The Exorcist, and American Horror Story. Monte gives us some exciting details on the IHSFF Horror Showcase, which is taking place later this month. Finally, the Horror Heroes and Monte are all attempting the 31 Days of Horror. Be sure you pay close attention because Monte has a trivia question for you all. If you get it right then you could win a special prize!

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