Monthly Archives: December 2016

Episode 657: 12 Slays of Christmas

Happy Holidays, horror fans! To celebrate the twelve “slays” of Christmas we decided to showcase twelve excellent holiday horror films (although technically we cheat and take about 2 remakes as well which makes 14 movies). This list includes classic favorites and newer additions, some that neither The Blogging Banshee or DeeOmen had ever seen before. We hope you enjoy this holiday season and as always enjoy the show!

Click here to see The Blogging Banshee’s list of favorite Christmas horror films.

Episode 656: Snowy Terror with Demons and The Tall Man

In today’s episode we have some catching up to do. We discuss what we’ve been up to for the past month. Then the Horror Heroes talk about the newest horror movie release, Incarnate. We dive into the newly remastered cult classic, Phantasm. Then we have a double dose of snowy horror. First DeeOmen tells us all about Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies before we debate the horror-comedy, Jack Frost. Be sure to tune into our discussion of upcoming horror movies and a glimpse into our next show.

The Blogging Banshee full reviews: Phantasm, Incarnate