Monthly Archives: March 2017

Episode 664: Personally Shop Raw with Belko

Today DeeOmen and The Blogging Banshee have three exciting reviews for you. First we discuss the highly anticipated French cannibal thriller, Raw. Then we go over The Belko Experiment, the latest film directed by Greg McLean. The reviews end with The Blogging Banshee critiquing the new Kristen Stewart film, Personal Shopper. Stay tuned after the reviews to hear what you can expect in the next couple episodes.

The Blogging Banshee full review: Raw, The Belko Experiment, Personal Shopper

DeeOmen full reviews: Raw, The Belko Experiment

Episode 663: Kong is King

Episode 633 of Horror Heroes is all about King Kong! Since most people are familiar with the original 1933 King Kong and the 2005 King Kong by Peter Jackson, DeeOmen and The Blogging Banshee decided to focus on the lesser-known Kong remake. We had quite a lot to say about the 1976 King Kong. Then we compare that version with the latest version, Kong: Skull Island. Not only is this film the newest version of King Kong, but it also made the biggest changes to the story. We end the show with news about upcoming films and advance screenings we will be giving away tickets to this month. If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area keep an eye out on our social media pages to see how you can get free movie passes to those advance screenings.

The Blogging Banshee full review: Kong: Skull Island

DeeOmen full review: Kong: Skull Island