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Back in the day, October 1984 to be exact, a movie called Terror in the Aisles was released. The poster declared it to be “A non stop roller coaster ride through the scariest moments of the greatest terror films of all time.”

It played like a greatest hits of horror and ran through scene after scene from an alphabet of top chillers including Alligator, Bride of Frankenstein, Carrie, Dawn of the Dead through to Suspiria, The Thing, Videodrome, and When A Stranger Calls.

Hosting the frightfest was everyone’s favorite old bloke Donald Pleasence and the delightful Nancy Allen. Although they stayed out of the frame most of the time, they were there to add some insight, a dash of humor (and humour for The Brits) and to keep it all rolling along smoothly.

I didn’t catch Terror in the Aisles in the movies but I was sure to buy a copy when it came out on VHS a short while later. Being filled with all the choice moments of so many great movies it quickly became my go-to ‘boring Sunday afternoon remedy’ movie, fun party tape with like-minded mates, and general reminder of why I loved horror movies so much.

Fast forward a couple of decades and a few technological innovations and here we are at HorrorHeroes.com, a website that proudly celebrates our Heroes of Horror, new and old, by looking back, looking around, and looking forward. HorrorHeroes.com celebrates the people, creatures, sights, and sounds that give us so many thrills, chills, and shocks.

The Banshee and I truly hope you enjoy our podcasts, reviews, and live events, and we hope you’ll join in the fun with your comments, suggestions, and participation. Just think of us as your own personal, ongoing Terror in the Aisles (although at the moment we are not available on VHS).


DeeOmen and The Blogging Banshee

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